I don't know about you, but their aren't many things better than a box of chocolates!  Especially when they are Aussie-made and the "good-for-you" kind!


Spoil yourself or a special someone today!


Butter Caramel Pecan

Organic, vegan, refined sugar free and gluten free.


An otherworldly, euphoric trip for your taste buds, the chewy buttery vegan caramel sits on top of an activated organic pecan base; then enrobed in bittersweet cacao for the perfect flavour balance.


Spiked with a blend of potent tonic herbs, helping revitalise and energise your body – it’s like a spa getaway in chocolate form, packed full of adaptogenics for any stress life throws at you.


Everything you need to give your brain and taste buds a well deserved boost.


Twin serving 2 x 30g & Single serving: 30g


Black Cherry Raspberry

Organic, vegan, refined sugar free and gluten free.


A delicious vegan ganache with sour cherries on the inside and raspberries sprinkled on the outside. Tangy and sweet, smooth and creamy a delicious combination of antioxidant rich berries and cacao.


Spiked with Schisandra, which is renown as a potent adaptogenic herb.

Working from the inside out to have you radiant and glowing.


Twin serving 2 x 30g & Single serving: 30g


Peanut Butter Caramel

Organic, vegan, refined sugar free and gluten free.


Infused with our own handmade peanut butter; it’s smooth and crunchy, not overly sweet, slightly salty. Spiked with the super herb Lions Mane mushroom for neural nourishment.


This wonder mushroom has been used traditionally for thousands of years by herbalists to support the brain and nervous system, improve cognitive function and boost digestive health.


We couldn’t find a peanut butter on the market that didn’t have nasty additives like vegetable oil so we made our own. We’re resourceful like that.


Single serving: 30g


Wild Rose Ganache

Organic, vegan, refined sugar free and gluten free.


Let this delicious ganache with Bulgarian Rose Oil dance along your taste buds for a truly decadent experience.


Spiked with Micro-ground pearls (yes, actual pearls) which are an ancient Chinese beauty tonic said to mineralise and nourish the skin from the inside out, complete with a soft centre and edible organic rose petals.


Let’s not forget about the Goji, one of the most potent antioxidant known to humankind for skin health.


Single serving: 30g


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