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An all time celebration favourite, pop open the champagne, put out a cheese platter and enjoy!


Watermelon candle by Isarose

Isarose Candles are handmade with love using 100% natural coconut soy wax and a beautiful fragrance, creating a blissful oasis in daily life.

Watermelon is a refreshing and summery scent blending fruity watermelon, lemon, and honeydew.


These candles are hand poured and you can even reuse the candle container as a place for your make up brushes or even plant a little succulent.


Cranberry, Macadamia & Cherry White by Koko Black

Premium white chocolate topped with Australian macadamias, dried cherries and dried cranberries.


Pinot Noir Chardonnay Grant Burge

A very popular Pinot Noir Chardonnay is an exceptional sparkling with attractive notes of strawberry, stone fruit and biscuit leading to a richly flavoured, generous palate with a beautifully crisp finish.


Grant Burge is a fifth generation winery and their classic wines are recognised all over the world for their consistent quality as a result to being crafted from the finest Barossa fruits and passionate hands-on wine making.


Laguiole Cheese Knife

Add a touch of elegance to your favourite cheese board by using the Laguiole by Andre Verdier Debutant Cheese Knife. Each piece is masterfully crafted from stainless steel and finished sumptuously with stainless steel bolsters and the traditional Laguiole bee. This design easily blends in with other tableware while adding elegance on the table for any occasion.


Wooden Coasters

Four handmade cedar wood coasters finished with a coating of food-grade bee's wax.


Wooden cheese board

Hand cut and sawn and finished with a coating of food-grade bee's wax for endless hours of cheese platters and tastings.


The Hamper Shed wooden box

Handcrafted by our dedicated carpenters in Sydney, The Hamper Shed boxes are made from 100% certified sustainable wood. They are great to receive, recycle, re-use and refill.


Use the empty box as storage for kids toys, packing away the blankets or just to hide away the extra clutter.

Let's Celebrate

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